9 Ways To Find New Customers In The Online World For Business

In the online world, one of the benefits we can take is marketing. Marketing in the online world is gaining more and more effectiveness, from home culinary businesses to large companies. The online world has many marketing channels. This article will discuss some ways to find new customers in the online world.

How To Find New Customers From The Online World
There are many ways to find new customers in the online world. However, marketing practitioners must understand the most effective ways in accordance with the best practices suggested by digital marketing experts. Here are some ways to find new customers from the online world that have also been applied to some of our digital marketing clients.

Create a Landing Page
The first step starts from a landing page. Landing page is a page that contains promotions of your company’s products or services. You can create a landing page quickly if you use our website creation services that are equipped with genesis framework. With a website that supports the DevOps work pattern, the landing page work can be completed in just a few hours or even minutes to be ready for you to promote on multiple digital marketing channels.

Create an interesting landing page that can direct website visitors to contact you immediately. Use graphics and call-to-action (CTA) buttons to better ensure the effectiveness of your landing page in getting prospects from potential customers (qualified leads).

Well .. up to here mending make a landing page for your business first let’s .. before proceeding to the next points. Let me learn while practicing.

Writing Articles
analyze the uniqueness of content in finding new customers
Content uniqueness is very important, always measure the uniqueness of your article content

Some research in the world of online marketing has found that more than 60% of purchasing decisions are based on the articles they get. The article is either on the company’s website or from another website. Content marketing provides more insight for potential customers out there. This is one way to gain new customers in the online world both for the vertical market (B2B) and for retail.

The effectiveness of content marketing is based on the uniqueness and authenticity of the writing. With content marketing, you can do inbound marketing by targeting specific segments and directing them to make requests or questions about their needs. Complete your writing with a call-to-action such as a contact form to get quality prospects.

New content on your website can increase popularity on Google and Bing search engines. Especially if you do keyword analysis first. One of the most effective ways of SEO today is with unique and quality content that is constantly increasing and updated day by day.

Distribute to Social Media
Every new article you create, spread it to several social media sites. Hundreds of millions of internet users in Indonesia always access Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. For the B2B market, LinkedIn can be added as a means of disseminating information. Spread not just once, but several times over a period of several days.

On Facebook, you can spread the article on your own fanpage, or through a FB group that contains many members and this way you can also apply on Google Plus. For on Twitter, use trending hashtags to drive the reach of your information.

E-Mail Marketing
On articles you create, always include an opt-in to subscribe to the article. This can be easily done if you use our website creation services. Integrate with Mail Chimp so you can separate qualified leads from quantified leads.

Based on our experience, e-mail marketing will be more effective if your buyer persona is an office worker. They always check the e-mail from time to time, but without the right set then your e-mail will go into the spam folder. E-mail marketing requires the best techniques to be effective as a way to get new customers from the online world.

Offer Something Free
Especially for B2B markets, you can do a research and give it away for free. Anyone can download the results of your research, but they must fill in an e-mail and phone number. This is very effective in getting quantified leads that can then be continued with e-mail campaigns.

An example of this is a white-paper that contains information and info graphics on your research or simply to explain something. In a white paper, you can socialize and gain a psychological bond from potential customers. If your research is pleasing to them, when the need arises then they will

more remembering your company than the company that leads the market though.

Take advantage of Video Presentations
If your company is technical or knowledge-based, it will be difficult to explain important points to potential buyers. Of course, you can give them a brochure, but this will only apply to those who already understand some of it. A much better approach to using knowledge -sharing platforms that are tailored to custom content is desperately needed.

According to Social Networking Science Research, 65% of the population are visual learners. Therefore using video is the best way to showcase your product. Make short cuts in less than two minutes, with the jargon of your business.

Active on Quora
Quora.com is a fantastic way to generate leads, especially for technical products. You can use your expertise to answer questions relevant to your product. If you do it well, then this can be a powerful advertorial for your business. Readers will follow your link to the website.

On Quora, you can also ask questions. Ask questions about issues that can be resolved with your product. You will soon find potential customers trying to answer your questions. By getting new customers like this, your product can be better known among consumers.

Social Media Monitoring
Social media listening can be useful for monitoring who is talking about your product, or similar products. Twitter is a simple way to monitor conversations from users. Find keywords related to your product, then click follow. If you follow back, don’t forget to send a thank you message by offering free resources. Respond to tweets at the right time, offer suggestions and information. Don’t push your product at that time! Wait until they open the first line of communication.

There are several applications that can monitor conversations on twitter based on the keywords you specify. Then, the app will automatically follow the accounts that are talking about it, and send an inbox message to them after a few hours they follow you back.

Paid Advertising
After doing the 9 ways to get new customers mentioned above, then run the fish. This can sharpen your target audience based on your experience in deploying the previous eight ways. Of course, this can also save you on your advertising costs or increase the ROI (Return on Investment) of your advertising costs. The effectiveness of the ads you create can be measured by how many leads come in. Paid advertising can be a great way to gain new customers, but it can be a waste if the target is less sharp.

In the business of digital marketing, we see many large companies are trying to make a digital transformation. Digital marketing is an integral part of digital transformation. Many large companies are less appropriate in placing digital marketing strategies, such as spending billions of dollars on advertising on television. This of course only leads to waste, because the conversion of visitors to the website is very minimal and this means that online sales conversions are also very minimal.

Therefore, practitioners and company leaders must understand how to get new customers from the internet to be able to increase sales. Nothing is instant, everything needs a process. The right process according to experience and best practices suggested by experts can further enable the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

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