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Organize your own content

Organize your content

A quick and easy way to organize your content is to write each item on a sticky note or note card. Make note of the content you already have and the content you need to create. Move your cards around to group your content as it makes sense to you and as it might make sense to someone else visiting your site. For example, a paragraph about yourself might go with your contact info. The groups you end up with will give you a sense of the pages you need and the structure they might take. Take a photo of your cards and keep it handy when you start building your site.

Look for inspiration

Spend a little time browsing the personal sites of people you admire, colleagues who do a great job of explaining what they do, or any old bosses or mentors who have a strong online presence. Click through the links on Twitter and Instagram bios of people who are good at owning their own narrative. Look to people at various stages in their careers and across disciplines to get ideas for telling your own personal and professional story.

Own your own domain name

Before you start building your personal website, you need to decide on a domain name and register it. Owning your own domain name is important, and if this article can convince you of only one thing, let it be this.Once you own your own domain name, you have complete flexibility. You could set up a simple blog or website, use a content management system (CMS), or build a custom site that you self-host on  Web Services (AWS) — all on your own terms and on your own timeline.