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Hi there my name is azroy and I’m an freelance website builder from Singapore. Perhaps you do not know me right now, therefore here’s a little information about me.I run my own online portals and blogs and my interest is very much in Internet Marketing, Web Development, Web Design, Widget Creations, Advertising and Building Business Systems. I am also love blogging where I learn to start my own blogs If you wish to read further about my life, you can dig my life stories at my web Im also running my own Internet Business in 2006, creating a website and other advertising product on my facebook page and I’ve promoted it using Blogs and only Email Marketing Yahoo,Gmail & Hotmail through friends and emails back then.

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About website builder service

What kind of information do you want on the page? What do you want from your page? Who are your users?

Do you know what systems and browsers they use?

Does your site need regular updates?

Do you want to make a change yourself?

Are you going to sell something?

Do you need a database to store and retrieve information?

do you want to rely on search engines to send more traffic to your pages?

What kind of website do you want?and what’s your budget?

What we need:

  • Add ads
  • Add submit URL
  • Increase download traffic
  • Free architecture
  • Add article authors
  • Add creation widgets
  • Other feature tools

What im doing

As web developers (to design your website)

  • Homepage content
  • Photo gallery
  • Link your site
  • Contact
  • Banner
  • News
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • Blogs
  • Members account
  • More content

How we do it (how to attract visitors)

  • Blogs
  • Search engine
  • Yahoo
  • Google adds
  • Seo submit
  • Facebook / Twitter
  • Forum
  • Other media

Easily manage your site content, without any programming knowledge:

  • Pictures of your own text
  • Lay out your own text and design drawings
  • Create a new page as easy as creating a Word document
  • Edit pages easily
  • Delete pages easily
  • Preview pages before publishing on the web
  • Set the level of site administrator permissions
  • System FAQ
  • Bulletin Board
  • photoalbum
  • Share downloads
  • News

What we do to build your website

How To Make Money In Google Adsense

AdSense is an advertising program run by Google. This allows you to add ads to your website and earn money online when people click on ads provided by Google.

How to create Forms

An online form allows your visitors to submit information via an online script. Forms can be used to create leads, customer support, or other reasons for your visitors to contact you.

How to Create a Forum

Sometimes called newsletters or forums, message boards are used to create an online community on specific topics. Forums are a great way to get people back to your web page.

How To Use Card Credit

What ways will allow you to sell your products online. This is a very hot topic so be sure to read our dedicated page to explain your options.

Create a Blog

A blog is a shortcut from a weblog, which is a frequently updated journal designed for the general public. Blogs generally represent the personality of a writer or a website.

Live Chatting

Live chat is a script that lets people talk in real time, while on the Internet. The user types their message and the text will appear on the other chat chat monitor of the visitor.

Create Photo Gallery For Website

A photo gallery will allow you to import and share all your photos online. This allows you to share photos of kids, events, and people who aren’t around to see your photo albums.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are generally sent as emails to people who have signed up to receive them. They are generally related to the topic of your website and are used to announce new products or info.

Website Templates

A web template is a web design design used to produce a website without the need for HTML. Generally you just fill in text & photos and reach a professional looking page.

Web Video

the web video site is a great place to find video load pages about topics that you still have other questions about.

Landing Page

You need a copy for your landing page, but you’re not sure how to create a landing page?
At first let’s define what we mean when talking about landing pages. The landing page can be a page that visitors come to your site

Website service

 publish your website after making any changes throughout our web page management.

and any other web content if you need to know how we do it, please go to our portfolio and see how we manage it.

Book us and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every design is easily understood, and that all level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech design

About Web Hosting

 Web hosting services allow you to store your website on the Internet. Hosting service providers rent you a space on the server where you can place your website. There are different kinds of hosting services for images, E-mails, E-commerce sites, and websites. Files are typically uploaded on the Internet using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or web interface

About Image Hosting

 Image hosting services provide space to save your images online. There are both free and paid image hosting services available. These hosts also provide you with various tools that you can use to create photo blogs, galleries, and slide shows

About E-commerce Hosting

 E-commerce hosting services are ideal for online shopping sites. Hosts typically provide shopping carts that calculate purchase costs. E-commerce hosting services also enable secure gateways that enable financial transactions. You may also require services for online photo galleries and blogs.

What Can I Do for You?

  • creating website 
  • creating blogging 
  • Classified adds
  • sending your product through our advertising service
  • creating logos 
  • Creating video
  • Creating image gallery
  • submit your site in our traffic service
  • created more visitor to your site 
  • creating widget 
  • creating form 

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