Hello Readers,

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a time when people
traditionally make New Year’s resolutions. These are typically focused
on improving something in their lives or perhaps setting a goal.

But what about your business?

The new year is a perfect time to make some resolutions that help your
business or perhaps to set some goals that you’d like to achieve over
the coming year.

The first place to look at will be your website. Does it currently
reflect what you are offering to your customers?

One of the most common things that we see with business websites is that
the business adapts and changes, bringing forward new offers and
opportunities to their customers. However, their website doesn’t
change and the message can become a little disjointed.

Why not review your website in the eyes of potential customers and think
about how it reflects your business? If you have a team, this could be
an exercise that you work on together so that you get the benefit of
multiple points of view.

It’s important to be critical here if necessary. You can only make
changes when you’re open and honest about your website’s current

Where you see things that could be changed or aren’t clear for your
target audience, there’s an opportunity for change. Make a list of
these changes and then you can work on the list to refresh your website
in the new year.

As well as your website, you should look at your marketing.

What did you do last year to bring new customers to your business?
Perhaps you invested in SEO or paid ads. What sort of Return on
Investment (ROI) did these bring to you?

Take the time to look at the performance of your business. Look at the
number of leads that you generated. How many of those leads converted
into sales? What was the best performing marketing strategy that you

The new year gives you an opportunity to double down on the marketing
methods that are working well for your business. For anything that
isn’t working well, you can take stock and decide if it’s something
that you want to continue with. Using your marketing budget effectively
and responsibly will bring better results to your business.

Finally, you should set a financial goal for the new year.

Certainly with 2020, many businesses and industries will find that
revenues are down. It’s completely understandable as we’ve seen a
global pandemic cause havoc around the world.

How much revenue would you like to make this year? Write that down. If
you like, you can split that into 12 and set a target for each month.

Make it the mission for you and your team to push towards those revenue
goals in the new year.

Stay safe.



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