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Knowledge according to scholars is the words and their meanings. According to Arif, the knowledge is to know the Asthma and the objects shown by the Asma (name). Here begins the basics and the basics.The knowledge cannot be associated with ‘Adam because it does not exist. Knowledge can only be associated with what exists. What does not exist, can not be associated with knowledge because what does not exist is unthinkable and not included in the mind and can not be described. The fact is there is none, but merely a denial. Denial simply cannot produce anything (in the mind and the mind). If the result is anything, then it exists.

Adam cannot exist at any time because the facts cannot change. If you examine what is whispering in yourself and what your Qalbu (Heart) perceives by denying the existence of an ally for Allah, then you will find that there is no the other in you except the Oneness that exists.



This is the meaning of knowledge according to enlightenment experts; knowing something that can be associated with that which exists only where that which exists in their enlightenment has no other analogy other than itself. God has no analogy other than Himself; and He resembles Himself. He is similar to that and He is similar to Himself, because it is analogous to Himself. He is just like Himself and just like Himself. The reinforcer is the support and the support is the reinforcer. It is not Him and He is not it. And there is none besides Him and there is none besides Him. There is no enlightenment other than Him. There is no one except Him.

So the enlightenment expert is “a person who sees and enlightenment is in him who remains inside”. Enlighteners live with the “act of knowing” because it is their identification. His identity is his and the enlightenment is behind it. The forms are still further afield. Story is the business of the storyteller and enlightenment is the business of the chosen people. The act of pretending is the act of being alone with the lost dreamers, and contemplating living with the depressed while neglecting being with the confused.


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