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When generating a list of potential titles, try to play around with relevant keywords that are popular on Google and Amazon searches. Think about your genre/target audience and then create a title that makes a promise or offers a solution to a problem. For example, “Raising Wonderfully Tough Kids in a Tough World” or “Six Secrets of Closing a Million-Dollar Deal.” Avoid creating a title that is already popular as this will prevent your book from standing out. We will use the first example (Raising Wonderfully Tough Kids in a Tough World) to illustrate how to generate ideas for a book.


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Ensure your title is memorable and grabs the attention of readers. The title should clarify what the book is about and must be easy to say. Avoid complex-sounding titles that are difficult to pronounce or sound embarrassing when said out loud.

If you already have a specific title in mind, that’s great. But if you don’t, then you need to look at the goals of your book. For example, if you want to build your brand, then mention your brand in the title. If you want to establish yourself as an expert, then ensure your title sounds authoritative. If you just want to generate attention and sell copies, then make it provocative, exciting, or controversial.
The quality of the title determines the quality of the content. Therefore, ask yourself specific questions, such as: What value do I want to add to the reader’s life? What do they want to learn about? What are the goals of the target audience and how will this book help them achieve that? In essence, try to enter the mind of your audience.



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