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INTRODUCTION We always see ourselves as I AM. We say, “This is me”, “This is what I have”, “This is my body”, “My name is me”, and “My father’s name is he”, and so on. Have we ever wondered who we are? Is that I AM that? Who exactly am I? So here is the author to describe about ME according to the opinion and views of the Sufism Philosophy of this Brochure in the explanation about ME.



The shaking of the leaves and the feeling of the wind are signs of wind. We do not see angina but we know there is angina through its signs. The same is the case with Allah SWT. We do not see Him, but we feel and believe in Him through His signs. The signs of God are the universe. These signs are in Arabic for each “verse”.

Therefore, the universe and ourselves are the revelations of Allah alone. The SPIRIT is very high in dignity, high in the rank of angels. His place is on the side of Allah Most High. It is this SPIRIT that remembers Allah (zikrullah) as if his work is remembering Allah alone. It is as if eating and drinking “zikrullah” only. This holy SPIRIT always monotheizes Allah the Most Holy. Unclean to him then associating God.



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