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In essence, the main task of Man in this World Life is to Serve Allah SWT.

In Surah Al An’aam verse 162, Allah says:

“Indeed, my prayers, my worship, my life and my death are only for Allah alone”.

As a Man who professes Faith, one of the forms of Faith is to believe and believe 100% in the holy book of the Qur’an, as our Guide, Command, Hold and Guide to Life in the World.

Therefore, it is obligatory for us to always adhere to the Qur’an, by way of: Reading, Understanding, Understanding, and “Practicing” all the Rules and Commandments of Allah SWT that are in the Qur’an.


Remembering Allah is one of the Commandments of Allah in the Qur’an, among them in Surah Al Baqarah verse 152:

“Remember YOU to ME, I will remember (you) too”

Remembering God can actually be felt and embedded forever throughout life through the Mind and Mind; as well as on the Heart, Feelings and Soul or Spirit.

But remembering God with the Mind and Mind alone will not be embedded in the Heart, Feelings and Soul. Remembering God in such a way will only last a few moments, and then will easily forget just like that.

.Meditation on Islamic Meditation (TMI) has a Method or Way to Remember Allah, which will be felt and embedded throughout life in the heart, namely Remembering Allah with the concentration of the Mind in the phrase “Subhanallah” in the respiratory system, which is the essence of Life.

When we concentrate on doing Breathing while uttering the word Subhanallah, we must “completely forget all the memories and events of the World”, for Special only Remembering Allah SWT only.

So Remembering Allah for Muslims who have Faith, is actually not the will of Man himself, but is a Command from Allah SWT as the Creator and Owner of all Mankind and the Universe.


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