Teen Gummy Multivitamins

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Product Description

Multivitamin and mineral supplement for teenagers in interesting chewable gummies
Provides 14 important vitamins and minerals to help fulfill a

teenager’s nutritional need:

o Immune supporting antioxidants & vitamins including Vit D and Vit C in good potency
o Energizing & stress-coping B-complex vitamins
o Growth supporting Folic Acid
Pleasant natural assorted fruit flavours



Promote energy level
You will feel more energetic throughout the day & cope with your learning/studies better
Support immune health by providing antioxidant protection
It strengthen your immunity too, so less likely to fall sick which disrupts daily routines/activities
Ensure good nutritional status by filling nutritional gaps
Teenagers tend to eat out/opt for unhealthy food choices (e.g. fast food, junk food etc), hence a multi can ensure they get the daily needed amounts of vitamins and minerals conveniently


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