The difference between web designer, web builder and web programmer

The difference between their web designer, web builder and web programmer has their own knowledge. Do not be mistaken if you want to ask them to make a field make sure you choose with the expertise they have.

1. For web designers their expertise is only according to the design pattern you want for the purpose of work, business or school project. They will give examples as to which design you like. yourself only.

2. For web builders, they only know how to complete your web content such as your business homepage about yourself, your service, what business you do and for customers to contact you.

3. For web programmers, they are members of technical expertise and business to connect internet channels for us to communicate with each other or with your customers.

In these three areas you should know what areas you want to develop your new web or different technical purposes.

For their web designers nowadays they prefer to be called according to the expertise they have such as designing your web design the latest and interesting layout.

As for web builders, they prefer to design your web development with the available plugins to facilitate their work, but you have to be careful sometimes this web development does not have the equipment they have sometimes they have to find or buy it with other web designers to meet the needs your web development.

As for the web programmers, they are more expert in both as above because if the technical connection does not run smoothly your web will not be live or can not be distributed.

This is a bit of an article for reading material only. Thank you very much!



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