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What to write about?

In our current digital age, blogging is a great way to reach a wide audience of readers. Maybe you want to blog about your love of cats, or the most recent presidential debate. Or maybe you are blogging to promote a product on social media. Whatever the reason, a good blog post takes time to craft and get just right so it will be worth reading.

Research other blogs that are similar to your blog. Get some ideas for your own blog by noting interesting and compelling details in other people’s blogs. If anything, you’ll also be able to determine what you don’t like about someone blog!

For example, if you’re creating a home and food blog, scroll through other popular home and food blogs. Notice the layout, content, and images on the other blogs. Pay attention to how long the posts are, the frequency of the posts, the writing style, and the subject matter.
If you’re creating a business blog, look at how other sites approach a certain business topic. Also, note if the site has an active comments board and how often the writers respond to reader comments.

onsider who you’re writing to, or your audience. The language you use and the style of your writing will shift based on who you are writing the blog post for.
If you are writing for a personal blog meant for only close friends and family, you can likely be as honest or casual as you’d like. You also won’t need to explain that Toby is your 4 year old son or Baxter is your cat.

Treat a personal blog like a conversation. Write like you are chatting with a close friend or family member. Avoid jargon, complicated sentences, or cliches.The reader wants to feel like they are getting to know you, so don’t be afraid to put your unique voice front and center.

If you are writing for a personal blog that is meant for a larger audience, you can still write casually and honestly. But you may need to include references, a glossary, or explanations to ensure your readers can follow along.

Though business blogs or marketing blogs may be a bit more formal, they should still have a conversational tone. Above all, you want to avoid confusing or boring the reader.
For a business or marketing blog, think about what your readers expect from your blog. Are you providing information to your readers/buyers? Are you trying to persuade them to buy a certain product?

It’s also important to think about the information your readers already have. If the majority of your readers are Millennials looking to start their own business, you probably don’t need to provide information about how to use social media. But you may want to give them information on how to adjust their approach to social media to be more business-savvy.

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