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Let me tell you a secret, a good consultation platform is every home-based professional’s best friend! So, read along if you are interested in this kind of friendship. We live in a digital world and it is fair to say that a considerable percentage of businesses and professions have become in part, if not entirely, virtual. There’s nothing better than the combination of flexible working hours and the convenience of your home. Therefore, it is no surprise that many entrepreneurs and consultants are looking for job opportunities in the virtual space.
However, if you want to optimize your time as much as possible, stop distractions and be productive, you will have to rely on one of the many online consultation platforms on the market.
Table of contents What is an online consultation? How do online consulting platforms work? What should you know when looking for online consultation platforms? In-browser video meetings Well-synchronized online calendar. Booking page Seamless online payments Website builder Branding and personalization What do we offer What to do next What is an online consultation? Online consultation is a meeting carried out remotely usually via video call. It allows your customers, patients, students, or potential clients to meet with you without leaving their homes.
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How do online consulting platforms work? In general online consulting platforms allow you to list your services online and get booked for services needed. Most of the online consultation platforms out there come with scheduling and booking features that make it easy for your clients to choose the most convenient time to meet you. Furthermore, if the platform allows it, you can offer free and paid consultations and collect payments during the booking process.

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for example, does this and also allows you to host video calls within the platform keeping your consulting business as cohesive as possible. Once a client picks a time and date and finalizes the booking, they’ll receive a confirmation email with meeting details including a meeting link. Then again, depending on the online consultation platform, they’ll also receive email reminders for the upcoming consultation. What should you know when looking for online consultation platforms? Firstly, it is important to know what features your home-based consultancy requires so that you can run it smoothly. For example, if you are a music teacher you might need good-quality audio and the ability to switch between devices during a video call. If you are an art teacher, however, your video streaming should be impeccable. Apart from this individual aspect, here are some features that all home-based businesses need
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In-browser video meetings No need to download any additional software nor oblige your clients to do so. Well-synchronized online calendar. You might be using a few time-management platforms already and it’ll be way easier for you if the consulting platform combines the information of them all. Booking page You are a service provider. You need people to be able to ‘buy’ what you have to offer as easily as possible. Seamless online payments Speaking of offerings and purchases, getting paid online could be tricky. Choose a consulting platform that facilitates the payment process. Website builder When you are a self-made entrepreneur you have to acquire a lot of skills to keep your business afloat. Knowing how to code as an IT specialist should not be one of them. Branding and personalization This one might not be of utmost importance for the success of your business but having the option to easily brand your booking page and video calls is extremely helpful for small businesses.

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