3 octopuses 3 eggs 1 red bwg cut into dice Chives Big chilli diced salt
Methods: 1) Fry as usual then stir to make scrambled eggs. 2) Stuff the egg in the octopus. The stuffing is dense and delicious. 3) Then insert the head of the ccuk with a skewer.. For squid sauce, I just stir-fry it salad
5 red beans 3 comments white man 2 tsp dry chili blend 2 tsp soy sauce *blend bg
Methods: 1) Saute all blended ingredients until dry. 2) add water, add soy sauce seasoning, grams of sugar. Add squid. 3) Reverse the position of the octopus. Estimated time is 10-15 minutes.. 4) When it's cooked, lift it up and put it in a plate with the squid scissors..

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